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Dr. Andrew 24 Hour Emergency Dentist Albany NY

Finding an emergency dentist Albany NY is quite challenging. But it is crucial to know what kind of injuries and accidents come under the emergency dental care treatment. Here is a brief explanation you can view to clear some of your doubts regarding emergency dentist.

You know very well that you can’t predict accidents at any given point of time. So you need to make sure that your teeth and also your family’s teeth are well protected and taken care. And when these small accidents can happen almost any time, you need to understand what comes under this category of service. After all, it is way better than those sudden, expensive dentist trips.


Dentist Albany NY

Having experience in dentistry from the past 1990, I claim myself as “Dental Nerd” with the substantial experience of providing dental care for complex dental conditions in Albany NY. I have always felt compassion towards the treatments needed to different types of patients. My firm belief is that each patient, walking into my dental clinic in Albany NY, should be treated with full attention. Apart from that, our focus is to ensure that all the procedures/treatments needed should be well explained to them.

After graduating from Dental University, I dedicated my focus on advanced surgery and implantation, aesthetics, full mouth rehabilitation. This has given me an opportunity to treat the patient’s full range of dental needs. Over the years, I have always laid Patient’s satisfaction as the foundation of my practice. It has continuously given me immense pleasure that majority of my patients has walked into my dental clinic in Albany NY as a part of the referrals from my satisfied patients. And, now I can proudly say that I am one of the first choices of patients looking for a Dentist Albany in NY.

I never miss the opportunity to attend educational programmes to keep myself up with the latest techniques and technology currently used in the dental care world. It not only helps me uplift my knowledge but also helps my patients with the best treatments and services.

Besides serving as a dentist, I love traveling, hiking, enjoying different cuisines and trying my hands-on photography.

Is It Really Required For Emergency Dentists?

Needless to say how emergencies come way along. But when they come, you may say they come always at the worst time. Even they come at the time when most of us are not planned for such emergencies.

Same is the case with Dental Emergencies! You can’t predict when you will have to face such a worst situation.


Dr. Andrew, the Emergency Dentist Albany NY says that If your tooth is chipped and it causes pain, that would be considered a dental emergency. Unfortunately, you can’t fix this dental problem on your own. Therefore, you should get the help of a professional.

However, don’t get upset by your pain. Rather, it’s the time to find a dentist who has 24-hour services and can fix your tooth. Hence, you are really in need of an emergency dentist  Albany, NY to help you in dealing with your dental issue.

What Dental Injuries Requires Emergency Dental Treatment?

You need to consult a good and an experienced dentist who have handled situations in very high pressure. Because oral emergencies are quite sensitive, painful and at the same time the patient becomes a lot more vulnerable. They would require prompt treatment and solutions.

Apart from that, you need to understand that these emergencies can happen at any time of the day. So, you need to have a good dentist around to help you anytime.

We have all heard the famous saying,” a stitch in time, saves nine.” This is a classic example. That is to say, just visit the dental clinics immediately when you undergo an emergency.

Now, what kind of injuries come under the dental emergency? Dental emergencies are just as same as anywhere else in the world. You can have broken, knocked out teeth or any sports or fight-related injury. Similarly, you may also injure your gums while you have an unexpected fall. So, this kind of minor or major dental injuries needs immediate care and treatment.

Therefore, depending on the gravity of the injury, your treatment is decided. If a large part of your teeth is missing, they may often perform surgeries using the dental implants. Or, they can also make use of associated products which can provide some relief to your denture.

Dental Benefits Of Visiting An Emergency Dentist

Relief From a Toothache

A toothache may be caused by tooth decay, abscessed tooth, damaged fillings, infected gums, etc. Don’t worry If you are the one who is experiencing severe tooth pain or discomfort, pick out your phone and call Dr. Andrew, the Emergency Dentist Albany New York. We recommend you not to ignore this as this can be a sign of a larger dental problem that requires immediate attention.

Relief From Swollen Jaw

Experiencing swollen jaw? It can be caused by a range of dental issues. For example, you may get a dental infection which is responsible for swelling in the jaws. Besides, the infection in a salivary gland is also responsible for a sudden swelling and tenderness. Furthermore, jaw injury and tooth extraction can also be the cause of a swollen jaw.

Therefore, visiting an emergency dentist is the best and required solution for such a dental issue.

Lost Filling and Crown Repair

It may be possible that you have lost a filling or crown, or it might become loose. This may be a quite painful experience for you. Dr. Andrew can help alleviate such an underlying issue. Just call our dental office and schedule your earliest possible appointment from the emergency dentist.

Relief from Other Dental Issues

You don’t know when you will have to face accidents. And, it might affect your teeth. Hence, in this situation, the dentist assists you in getting relief from your dental issues that cause worst and painful experience in your mouth.


Therefore, getting dental treatment from us at the right time for emergency situations can help you in many ways like-

  • We help you in getting relief from chipped, cracked or lost tooth.
  • Apart from that, you will get relief from other dental issues like an abscess, toothache, and mouth pain.
  • Moreover, you can get quality services of Emergency dental surgery.
Services offered by our Dentist Clinic in Albany NY

We have focused on providing suitable and dedicated services to our patients according to their specific needs. We have a wide range of customers from all age group that we are serving from the past 1990. Our experience has contributed to our confidence in delivering dental care that matters.

Some of the services we provide include the cosmetic, constructive and restorative specialty services.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If you are a patient that is worried about the way you smile or feels that your smile makes you less confident. Dr. Andrew will help you with different procedures which will improve your smile imperfections at an affordable price. We use this treatment for discolored, stained and dislocated teeth. Come to our dental clinic for a quick consultation.

Dentist in Albany NY
Dental Implants

Dr. Andrew’s dental clinic located in Albany, NY provides dental implants for the patients who are looking for tooth replacement options. Dental implants have taken over the old technique of putting dentures for replacement of teeth. There are many benefits of implants. Some of the benefits include a confident smile, improved oral function and increase in self-esteem. Dental Implants are nothing but the natural-looking tooth that is replaced keeping your natural appearance intact.

Dental Implants
Porcelain Veneers

We are using Porcelain Veneers for the patients that are struggling with the spacing or shape of the teeth. Dr. Andrew has experience in the advanced Porcelain Veneer Treatments that are translucent and durable facings which will make your teeth look natural. This medium will help in restoring your beautiful and confident smile.

Dentist Albany
Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are for patients who underwent root canal treatments or some of the large permanent fillings. These are helpful to shield the teeth for many years. Dr. Andrew has experience in planting the dental crowns which are available in advance materials and can also be custom-made. Visit our clinic in Albany NY, to explore many suitable options.

Dentist in Albany
Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening is a procedure which is beneficial for patients that are suffering to smile confidently due to the staining/discoloration of teeth. Dr. Andrew has experience Dentist in Albany with different techniques and technologies. These techniques are mainly for whitening the teeth. Come to visit our dental clinic in Albany NY at your convenient timings to get consultation on returning your beautiful smile.

Dentistry Albany NY
Tooth-colored Fillings

Dr. Andrew advises Tooth-coloured fillings to the patients who need fillers due to the decaying or staining of their existing fillings. Nowadays, patients prefer it because they are custom made by matching the color of natural teeth improving the overall appearance. They are also helpful for keeping the tooth healthy. To know more about Tooth-colored fillings come to visit our dental clinic in Albany, New York.

Dentistry Albany
Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge is a technique which is for patients who have lost either one or many teeth. Losing the teeth causes the problem in the overall appearance as well as day to day chewing. Dr. Andrew is competent in dental bridge treatments which fill the gap between the teeth by replacing one or more teeth and fitting it next to the natural teeth. We would love to advise our patients with different dental bridge treatments at affordable prices.

Dental Bridge
Sedation Dentistry

Sedation Dentistry techniques help patients who feel panicky or scared about getting any of the dental care treatments. This fear refrains them from visiting the dentist that leads to complicating the minor problems related to their dental health. Fortunately, sedation dentistry is available in our clinic in Albany, New York which is safe and recommended to the patients based on their choice of treatment.

Sedation Dentistry
General and Family Dentistry

Dr. Andrew has gained experience in general family dentistry and has regular patients that come for check-ups to ensure that their and their family’s dental health is in order. This type of check-ups helps them take preventive measures. Our dental clinic in Albany, New York aids to maintain the record and advises you treatment time to time. You can book appointments with us at your convenience.

Dr. Andrew Family Dentist in Albany NY
Sports Dentistry

Sports Dentistry is for the people who face oral injuries while playing sports. Dr. Andrew is Best Dentist Albany in NY provides a variety of sports dentistry services like Sports Mouth Guards. They are beneficial for the population of any age that helps prevent a lot of injuries to gums, lips and other oral structure.

Sports Dentistry
Preventive Dentistry

We use Preventive dentistry treatment for all individuals as it helps you fight the dental related diseases. Dr. Andrew at his dental clinic provides preventive dentistry procedures to the patients. They are essential as we might miss some red flags related to dental health problems in our day to day life. Come to visit the clinic for a consultation and know more about preventive dentistry.

Preventive Dentistry
Emergency Dentistry

Dr. Andrew understands that anyone might face dental emergencies at any point in time. If you are in such a situation, call the clinic as soon as possible. We will help you book the appointment quickly to take care of the emergencies. Click Here to Book Appointment for Emergency Dental Care

24 Hours Dentistry

Take Care Of Your Teeth!

Always ensure you get quick help and care when such accidents or incidents occur. If your issues aren’t severe, then you can always call Dr. Andrew Emergency Dentist. You can then fix up an appointment with your regular dentist and seek expert advice. Take proper medication for your ailment and keep tracking anything weird that happens which is related to your oral care. Follow the tips which your doctor will give you. You can use those hacks to help during emergencies. Also, keep a separate account for your emergencies so that you would not have to worry about expenses when you are in Albany, NY.


We, a family dental care clinic based in Albany NY, are providing dental care for patients of all ages. We ensure that we take time to listen and promise to deliver our treatment comfortably. Our patients can book appointments at any time during the day which can be early morning, late afternoons or even on weekends. It helps our patients to manage the work timings are avoid taking time off work.

In Albany New York, we are one of the dental clinics that use the latest technologies for our treatment. Some of the latest techniques we use are iTero digital scanning for dental crowning, veneers and dental bridges, Digital Imaging with reduced radiation exposure.

We maintain the patient’s detail with our computerized record keeping and help our patients with online booking. Offering a wide range of services, we provide the non-judgemental diagnosis and best of all treatments to our respected patients. We provide the treatment at sensible and affordable pricing. It makes us sensitive towards the patient’s conditions.

Our work motto is patient’s satisfaction which makes us one of the best Emergency Dentist Albany NY.