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Teeth Whitening Albany NY

Best Teeth Whitening Dental Care Albany NY

Everyone wants to get a beautiful and healthy smile. For this, you must get healthy and white teeth that build up strong confidence in front of others. Teeth Whitening is one of the best ways to brighten your stained or discolored teeth. Visit your dental clinic now and get the treatment for the sake of your healthy smile. If you belong to Albany, NY, and looking for dental services to make brighter your smile, teeth whitening Albany NY is the right decision.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

To all the people in Albany who would want to get teeth whitening in Albany NY done, it’s simple. Before delving into the details, what exactly is teeth whitening?

“Teeth whitening is a process where it lightens teeth and aids in eradicating stains and discoloration. It is quite famous among all the dental procedures, and it comes under the cosmetic surgery wing.”

It majorly helps in the appearance of a person, and it completely changes the way they smile. A lot of dentists do perform this cosmetic procedure on the request of their patients.

Anyways, it is important to note that teeth whitening doesn’t just happen in one day. It is multiple sitting procedures and if you do not select the right dentist, it could cost you a bomb. So, first understand all the necessary details and then decide to opt a good dentist for teeth whitening.

Factors That Are Responsible For Affecting Tooth Enamel

Now the outermost layer of the tooth is known as enamel. Your genes affect the way your enamel looks, and it accounts for the thickness and smoothness of it. If you have thin enamel, you will have whiter teeth, but if your diameter is more, you will get a different color on your teeth. Also, when light falls on your enamel, the enamel reflects and scatters the light of the enamel.

Why Should You Get Teeth Whitening Services?

Teeth Whitening is preferred when your teeth get discolored due to some unusual reasons. To understand it in more detail, let’s learn about tooth discoloration first.

Tooth Discoloration

Your teeth contain pores to hold the stains on your enamel. There are many reasons for discoloration of the tooth. We may categorize the causes of tooth discoloration in two types— Extrinsic Tooth Discoloration and Intrinsic Tooth Discoloration. Let’s understand them one-by-one.

1. Extrinsic Tooth Discoloration

Extrinsic Tooth Discoloration happens when the teeth get darkened by a buildup of surface stains, which in turn hides the natural teeth color. There are many reasons for such extrinsic stains on your tooth-

  • Dental Plaque- The chromogenic bacteria such as Actinomyces species is responsible for the stains on the tooth. This is what is known as the Dental Plaque.
  • Calculus- When you ignore the dental plaque on your teeth, it leads to the formation of calculus around the gumline. You will experience a grey, yellow, black or brown hard deposit around your gumline which is actually the calculus.
  • Tobacco- Tobacco products contain tar which is responsible to form a yellow, brown or black stains above the gumline. The tar in tobacco products damages the mouth by rotting and blackening teeth and damaging gums along with desensitizing taste buds.
  • Having coffee, cola, tea, and red wine- Having coffee, cola, tea, and red wine in a large amount can also affect the natural tooth color.  

2. Intrinsic Tooth Discoloration

Intrinsic Tooth Discoloration happens because of the changes in the thickness of the dental hard tissues. There are many reasons for such intrinsic staining on your tooth-

  • Tooth Decay
  • Dental Trauma
  • Fluorosis
  • Alkaptonuria
  • Tetracycline antibiotics
  • Age factor because the tooth enamel tends to become thinner over time.

Thus, these are some of the most common reasons why your teeth may not look white. Even aging can make teeth less white as the enamel gets thinner and thinner and the dentin turns darker.

Are You Looking Teeth Whitening Albany, New York?

Do you belong to Albany and looking for teeth whitening services?

If you have stains on the external surface, then teeth whitening process is for you. You need to make sure that you have no other problem regarding your teeth while you are getting this cosmetic dental operation done. This is because the other ailments regarding your dental health might affect the procedure.

How Teeth Whitening Works?

During Teeth Whitening Treatment, the dentists change the color of the teeth inside which is also termed as intrinsic whitening or removing stains from the outside of the teeth which is also termed as extrinsic whitening.

1. Intrinsic Teeth Whitening

Intrinsic whitening involves the whitening of the dentin. During whitening procedure, it soaks up hydrogen peroxide gel and becomes lighter, making the tooth look whiter and brighter.

2. Extrinsic Teeth Whitening

On the other hand, extrinsic teeth whitening involves the whitening of tooth enamel. During this procedure, the stains that are left behind due to smoke, drink wine, tea, or coffee are removed.

How Long Do Teeth Whitening Effects Last?

Although teeth whitening helps in restoring your natural tooth color, it is not permanent. The reason is that generally, people tend to expose their teeth to those foods and beverages that cause staining on your tooth. This again becomes the cause of fade in the whiteness of your tooth within a month.

On the contrary, if you avoid such foods and beverages that cause stains on the tooth, then you’ll be able to maintain your teeth whiteness for a year long.
One more point that you should understand is that the degree of whiteness of teeth may vary from one individual to another depending on the-

  1. Condition of the teeth
  2. Level of staining
  3. Type of bleaching system used

Different Methods For Teeth Whitening

There are many ways that you may apply to whiten teeth. Here we are presenting a breakdown of some methods that lead to a professional effect on your teeth-

  1. Through Dentists
  2. Teeth Whitening Toothpaste
  3. Whitening Strips
  4. Teeth Whitening Trays

1. Teeth Whitening Through Profesional Dentists

Getting teeth whitening treatment through a professional dentist definitely offers excellent results. This procedure often takes place in the dental clinic. It doesn’t take much time. Taking assistance from our dental clinic for teeth whitening Albany New York will, no doubt, provides you with realistic results.

2. Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

You may take help of Teeth whitening toothpaste. These contain mild abrasives that help in removing surface stains. Fortunately, now those kinds of toothpaste are also available that contains additional polishing agents and special chemicals. These are more effective against stains.

3. Teeth Whitening Strips

Teeth Whitening Strips are also another option for you to whiten your teeth. These are generally, inexpensive and easy to use. Teeth whitening strips contain peroxide. Therefore, it depends on the strength of peroxide that how long it would take to produce desired results.

4. Teeth Whitening Trays

Teeth whitening trays are also one of the ways to produce desired teeth whitening results. But it may take longer to achieve in comparison with in-office bleaching. We recommend you to get teeth whitening trays after consulting with your dentist. It is because they can provide you with the best directions to make them fit for your teeth.

Should You Whiten Your Teeth?

It is advisable that if you have problems such as cavities, be careful and do not proceed with this surgery.


Teeth whitening is okay until you have any side effects coming up. If you have any problem with the procedure, take help immediately from the dentist for further treatment. Always follow the necessary rules after the surgery.


Here are some of the common factors that you must consider before taking Teeth Whitening Treatment:

1. Age Factor

Teeth Whitening involves Bleaching. It is not advisable for children who are under the age of 16. The reason behind is that the pulp chamber or the tooth nerve is enlarged until this age. And, this procedure may cause it to become sensitive.

2. Pregnancy Issues

It is advisable to avoid teeth bleaching procedure at the time of pregnancy. The main reason is to be on the safe side due to the critical phases of pregnancy and using peroxides during teeth whitening might affect the tissues adversely.

Another reason is the inflamed gums which can cause due to the hormonal flux during pregnancy.

3. Sensitive Teeth

Those people who experience much amount of sensitivity in their teeth and gums and defective restorations should consult their dentist first. Furthermore, if you have an allergy to peroxide, the bleaching product can be harmful to your teeth.

4. Gum Disease

The people who are experiencing gum disease in their mouth, are not advisable to undergo teeth whitening treatment. Otherwise, it may cause the sensitivity on your teeth.

Is Teeth Whitening Safe?

The clinical data show that whitening gel is safe for the teeth. The bleaching gels with a neutral pH and 10 percent carbamide peroxide are considered safer.

On the contrary, Some studies have reported that the whitening gel with high concentrations of peroxide and a very low, acid pH may cause to damage to enamel.

How To Maintain The Appearance Of Teeth After Treatment?

Getting the teeth whitening treatment is good to gain quick results for making the appearance of your teeth bright. Although teeth whitening treatment can provide you with quick results, stains can appear again if you’ll not maintain your dental health properly. Therefore, in order to maintain the white appearance of your teeth for a long time, follow the below-mentioned ways-

  • Always brush or rinse your mouth after eating and drinking.
  • Chewing gum is also beneficial to maintain the appearance.
  • Do flossing to prevent plaque from build-up.
  • You may use whitening toothpaste once or twice a week. This will help you in avoiding surface stains.
  • Do touch up treatments

5 Smart Teeth Whitening Tips

Want to know the secret trick of how you may get whiten and healthier teeth easily? Head on to the following smart tips that not only whiten your teeth and but also help you in maintaining the white appearance of your teeth-

1. Regular Dental Checkups

Visit your dentists regularly to get your dental checkups on time. This allows you to prevent beforehand from such dental issues that may cause teeth discoloration of your teeth. Thus, it is advisable to visit your dentists at least twice a year.

2. Avoid Those Food And Beverages That Cause Stain

So far you have learned about those foods and beverages that cause hard stains to your teeth. So, try to avoid them as much as it is possible. Such food and beverages include tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco, etc. All these food are responsible for extrinsic stains on your teeth.

If you are not ready to avoid consuming these foods and beverages, just do one thing, i.e., rinse your mouth with water within 30 minutes of consumption. This will help you in removing stains easily by washing away the offending liquid.

3. Improve Your Diet

Other than the foods that cause stains to your teeth and fade away your smile, there are certain fruits and vegetables that help in making better and brighter your beautiful smile. Such foods include apples, cheese, yogurt, milk, nuts, celery, broccoli, carrots, strawberries, and many more. Include these healthy foods in your diet and improve the appearance of your smile.

4. Regular Brushing And Flossing

Regular brushing and flossing help in washing away the plaque from your teeth and gumline. So keep brushing and flossing properly to maintain the brighter look for your teeth.

5. Stop Smoking

Do a favor, not for me but for the sake of your health. Stop smoking! The tar and the tobacco found in the nicotine are injurious for health and are also responsible for the yellowish teeth.

What Is The Cost Of Teeth Whitening In Albany New York?

So, you want to make your teeth look bright? One common query of the patients is how much does it cost to for teeth whitening in Albany NY? Actually, the teeth whitening costs vary widely.

One of the major factors in teeth whitening cost is the location where you are getting your treatment. Are you doing it by yourself or you are taking the assistance of a professional dentist?

If you are doing it at your home, the cost will not occur much. All you need to invest in some teeth whitening products and that’s it. It, usually, required to spend approx $100.

On the other hand, if you are calling a professional to get teeth whitening treatment, generally, it may cost up to $1000.

Get The Best Teeth Whitening Treatment Now!

If you are a resident of Albany, NY and you need to get teeth whitening done, you can either visit the dental clinic or get it done at home. Our dentist who is going to perform your dental surgery will first have to get a good look of your teeth, analyze the problem and then provide the solution. Then he will clean the teeth and remove the bacteria thriving on your teeth. Then the teeth whitening procedure starts.


There are two times of teeth whitening in Albany NY. One is the Vital Whitening, and the other one is nonvital whitening. Both of them have their purposes and are suited to various kinds of teeth.

Teeth whitening is okay until you have any side effects coming up. If you have any problem with the procedure, take help immediately from the dentist for further treatment. Always follow the necessary rules after the surgery.


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Want a brighter and healthier smile? Get teeth whitening treatment from Dr. Andrew, the best Dentist in Albany NY. Our aim is to aid people in the process of bringing back their lovely smile through our dental services. Here are the big reasons that make our dental services best-

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